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Order OEM Mitsubishi Parts Online with West Mitsubishi

If you are looking for an Authorized Mitsubishi parts seller, you can get Mitsubishi parts in California here at West Mitsubishi. Our service department is matched with an excellent parts department. We have the OEM parts that you need for your personal vehicle or business fleet.

Big Supply

Since we have a busy service department, we keep a big supply of parts on hand. You can get the OEM parts you need, and if we don't have them on site, we just make a phone call to our warehouse suppliers. Many local repair shops come to us for OEM parts, and many DIY enthusiasts. As such, we must be ready and are ready when called upon for components of all kinds. You can be sure that we are an Authorized Mitsubishi parts seller.

Fair Prices

As a major user and local supplier of Mitsubishi parts in California, our large inventory helps us keep costs down. We can buy in bulk and pay lower prices. Then we can pass the savings on to you. Unlike car parts stores, we offer authentic OEM parts. These are guaranteed to perform like the original factory-installed part. You can Get Mitsubishi Parts in California Here at West Mitsubishi and enjoy peace of mind knowing you bought an authentic, well-designed component.

Helpful Staff

Our staff can help you find the part you need. Whether it's a fan belt or windshield wiper, we've got the parts for your repair or upgrade. West Mitsubishi parts staff are highly knowledgeable about all things Mitsubishi. They are trained to understand the purpose and value of the parts they sell. If you aren't sure what you need, they can advise you. Our staff is available by phone and will take your call seriously. We want to help DIY mechanics get the repairs done right. We also work with many Mitsubishi owners who simply want new tires, new wheels or special accessories for their ride.

Major Reasons for Using OEM Parts

Experts recommend OEM parts for the following reasons:

  1. Provides the most exacting fit
  2. Guaranteed to offer the same heat-resistance as the original parts
  3. Guaranteed to be the same chemical compound as the original
  4. Guaranteed to perform the exact function for the part it replaces
  5. Meets all national standards
  6. Helps maintain owner's warranty coverage
  7. Ensures most effective maintenance and repairs
  8. Can contribute to a longer road life
  9. Approved by Mitsubishi parent company

What are OEM parts? What are aftermarket parts?

OEM is the acronym for the original equipment manufacturer of the parts that are designated for a specific model by Mitsubishi's highly skilled engineers. For instance, a 2010 Eclipse would have a very specific gasket that a 2015 Outlander wouldn't have. It would be made of a specific metal alloy and be able to withstand a specific amount of heat and punishment. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are designed by a manufacturer which did not create the car. Instead, that manufacturer did reverse research to determine the size and composition of the part. Essentially aftermarket parts are a knock-off copy. Sure, many people don't mind a soap or shampoo that isn't name brand. However, those knock-offs aren't capable of causing your car to break down.

Knock-off car parts can be a problem if they don't perform well, don't fit exactly, or aren't durable enough. This can lead to more repairs and a shorter car life. Another way to look at the difference is to consider federal testing. When the government tests a vehicle, it has all of its original equipment manufacturer parts. As such, any EPA fuel economy ratings and any NHTSA safety ratings reflect OEM equipment capability.

The Environmental Protection Agency can't and doesn't test the individual parts. Thus, shoppers can only be sure that the parts work when they are part of the original Mitsubishi, i.e. OEM parts. Likewise, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tests the original Mitsubishi and cannot individually retest when new parts are added from another manufacturer. When OEM parts are replaced with aftermarket parts, you begin to whittle away at the effectiveness of the vehicle, and you cannot count on its EPA ratings or NTHSA ratings to be as accurate as they were when originally tested.

What are the Pros and Cons of OEM Parts?

Each Mitsubishi is designed by engineers who are experts in all things automotive. They know which metal alloys can be used for which components. The car or SUV must be built to exacting standards to pass the Mitsubishi quality test. Basically, each element, from the tiniest piece of plastic to the biggest piece of metal, is chosen for the compound's effectiveness. This includes precision shapes and sizes as well as highly scientific chemical or metallic formulas. OEM parts are exact replicas because the original manufacturer makes them from the same materials and precise molds that were used when the Mitsubishi was first made. Every millimeter has been accounted for in the final design.

A possible negative may be a slight price difference from an aftermarket part. However, if the OEM part fits better and does a better job than the aftermarket part, you are certainly earning back that extra dollar. Whether it's a simple filter, a vital hose, or a critical belt, you can be sure that the OEM part will play its part to the fullest.

What are the Pros and Cons of Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarkets parts are generally used to save a few dollars on repairs. Yet saving $3 on a $300 repair really isn't wise. After all, aftermarket parts aren't held to the same high standards as authentic Mitsubishi OEM parts. Furthermore, there's no way of knowing if the chemical makeup is exactly the same or if the sizing is as precise. If the aftermarket part is substandard, it could render the repair ineffective in the short or long term. There are no exacting standards for aftermarket parts. They don't have to meet the requirements imposed on new car makers, and the parts aren't examined for their effectiveness. This means that an aftermarket part could be made of a compound that isn't as heat resistant as the original. It might not keep its shape as well or it may shrink and swell due to the constant flux of temperature inside the engine. When one part doesn't perform its role well, this can cause the whole engine to suffer. The bad part ends up harming the vehicle it was designated to repair.

Major Reasons Not to Choose Aftermarket Parts

  1. A poor fitting part resulting in a breakdown.
  2. The wrong chemical compound results in overheating or a slow deterioration.
  3. An aftermarket part is blamed for an engine problem and the warranty is voided, leaving the owner with big bills.

Windshield Wipers and Headlights

Lights and wipers are two of the most common items that are purchased at our parts department. These are common DIY items. We keep a broad array of windshield wipers in stock, and we are sure to have the kind that will fit your Mitsubishi. Please ask about new styles that may suit your vehicle. Lights are another common parts request. From your dome light to your taillights, a vehicle's interior and exterior have many lights that can go out. Sometimes the problem is the light, and we can help you find the exact bulb needed for replacement. Other times the problem is a fuse, and we've got fuses that can get your lights working again. We also carry authentic headlight, taillight and foglight covers for your Mitsubishi style.

Tires and Wheels

Wheels and tires are two other common purchases made at the West Mitsubishi parts department. Before you get new tires somewhere else, ask our Mitsubishi specialists about which styles are right for your car. You will want to know how a bigger size will affect your fuel economy. You may be interested in off-road-ready tires or run-flat tires. Whatever you need for your Mitsubishi, our parts department has in stock or we can special order it and have it ready the same day. New tires aren't the only way to get rolling. You may need a tire balance and rotation to keep old tires on the road longer.

A realignment can straighten out your suspension and improve your steering. Our service department can take care of these needs, and we can use OEM parts for maximum effectiveness. You can dress up your ride with new wheels, but you don't want to get the wrong ones. Authentic Mitsubishi choices can provide the flair you want and guarantee the best fit. Our staff can help you find options and choose something fun for your car or SUV.

Maintaining Your Warranty

The Mitsubishi warranty is the best in the business. For the powertrain, it runs ten years or 100,000 miles. This beats the average warranty by five years. For bumper-to-bumper coverage, it's five years. This adds two years to the life of these warranties compared to the majority of automotive brands. Your only job is to get the regular maintenance that will keep it in effect. Using OEM parts is one way to ensure your warranty is maintained for its duration. OEM parts are the only ones guaranteed to work like the originals because they are essentially the originals.

Who Uses Our Parts Department?

  1. Other service departments around Orland CA come to us for the parts they need. Since we carry everything related to Mitsubishi and many other brands, they know we'll have it in stock.
  2. Mitsubishi owners can be very particular about their cars. Some like to do all of the little things themselves. This includes changing the windshield wipers, replacing the headlights and other tasks. They know that they can get the right product when they come to us.
  3. Automotive repair enthusiasts also come to us. They have a vintage Mitsubishi and they want the best advice about how to keep it running. They can get authentic parts from our parts department and keep their vehicle true to its engineering roots.

Full Service

When you need more than a part, our service department is at your service. Regular oil changes and other small maintenance tasks are affordable and fast. We use OEM parts for the best results. Bigger maintenance items include tune-ups, brake fluid replacement, transmission fluid replacement, and brake pad replacement. Of course, we also do tire rotations and alignments. If a repair is needed, you'll benefit from our skilled mechanics. They are well-trained in all things Mitsubishi and handle the repair of all brands of vehicles. Your engine is safe in their experienced hands. OEM parts help them make the most lasting repairs and improve the long-term results of the average repair. We work faster thanks to our vast array of parts in our large parts department. We work thoroughly and effectively to get your vehicle back on the road again. Our service department has many bays, allowing us to serve many customers at once. Our diagnostic equipment is state of the art, and this makes it especially effective at determining exactly what is wrong with a vehicle.

Reading a code is more than a number, however. If your engine light is on, don't let an auto parts chain store turn off your code. You need a professional who understands what the code means. In these cases, come straight to our service department for an accurate diagnosis. Our mechanics have advanced tools and equipment for maintenance and repair jobs. They are trained in the latest methods and have factory experience to understand Mitsubishi engineering. You can count on them to handle your ride with care. If you want your ride to last a long time, it pays to use West Mitsubishi service and parts department. With OEM parts in the hands of highly qualified repair technicians, you'll see good results at affordable prices.
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