Auto Loans

If you need an auto loan, you need to stop by West Mitsubishi. As a leading new and used car dealer, our large inventory is backed by a knowledgeable loan department. We want your business, and we are willing to work with you to get a loan.

Working for Your Needs

On-the-spot loans and leases are always on tap. West Mitsubishi makes it easy to get an auto loan because we believe our customer's needs come first. That's why we offer auto loans for all types of credit. If you need help with a loan, but you are worried about credit issues, West Mitsubishi is definitely the place to get help. We specialize in helping those with poor credit histories find a loan and a get second chance.

Our Lenders

To find competitive rates, we don't limit ourselves to one lending institution. We know that our customers get a better deal when we shop around. Since we do this all of the time, we can zero in on deals that others may miss. Furthermore, we want your business, and we are willing to work hard to find you the loan that encourages you to buy from us. Of course, we will provide you with the latest offers from the manufacturer. These may grant you big savings at purchase or over the life of the loan. Sometimes there are deals that are just too good to pass up. If you qualify, you may put these first on your list.

However, the manufacturer is not the only way to get a loan at West Mitsubishi. Our dealership staff works with local California banks as we search to find the loan that matches your needs best. This allows us to help all types of borrowers. Even if your credit is bad or you have been turned down before, you may find the loan you need. Our thorough investigation into the loans available should result in a good match for your budget today. You can get answers now with our live online chat staff.

Down Payment

A lower down payment may be your ticket to car ownership, especially if you are just starting out or if you have gone through a rough financial period. In fact, most buyers are concerned about the down payment. That's why we work with multiple lenders. We want to find the loan with the down payment you can afford. Since we deal in used cars, your trade-in may help you establish the down payment you need. You should ask our staff how to get an evaluation of your vehicle to see how much it could bring you in a trade.

Lower Monthly Payments

Getting the right loan can mean lower monthly payments. We want your vehicle to be affordable today and tomorrow. This means finding you the deal that fits your financial situation. When you work with our knowledgeable staff, you'll find out how your loan can be structured to benefit your monthly budget. If you have poor credit, each on-time monthly payment will help restore your credit score. For many buyers, this is reason enough to get an auto loan from West Mitsubishi.

Good Credit History

If you have excellent credit, that's fantastic. It's certainly easier to find a good loan when your history is good. We'll walk you through the whole auto loan process. There are choices in terms of interest rates, monthly payments, and down payments that may make a difference in your budgeting. Our goal is to be competitive with other lenders and encourage you to choose us for your car financing needs.

Low to Moderate Credit Score

Our staff has been trained to give everyone the same courtesy, regardless of credit history. We are trained to find the best deal we can for every shopper. This means you may find a better interest rate, a better monthly payment or a better down payment by choosing our onsite financing. With so many options, our loans are competitive with other lending institutions. At our dealership, you'll find the auto loan made easy.

Bad Credit Blues

If you are singing the bad credit blues, don't worry so much. You may find the loan you need at West Mitsubishi. We've helped many borrowers overcome poor credit scores. If you have a regular income, we believe you can handle regular payments, and we will work with you to find the best rates available. You may find flexibility on your down payment or your regular payment rate. If you want your billing to match up with a certain day of the month, we can help make that happen.

Did you know that a secure car loan is a good way to raise your credit score? Making regular payments will be noted by the leading credit rating companies. As you drive your Mitsubishi, you'll be racking up a good reputation that will help you get even better rates the next time around. Down the road, you'll find that you have a better financial picture thanks to a solid credit rating.

We encourage you to have confidence in our auto loans even if you have been turned down before. Our team of financial experts knows how to find the deals that others miss. We work hard to get you terms you can live with. If there's a way, we will discover it. To us, that's the meaning of hard work. How else can we earn your trust than to find you the loan you need?

First-time Loans

Are you just starting out? West Mitsubishi has financing options to help you buy your first vehicle. This may be the way you establish credit for the future. It's certain that you'll get an excellent product, especially with Mitsubishi's ten-year warranty. Often first-time borrowers don't realize all of the options open to them. That's why we are willing to educate you on every choice available. In the end, you'll feel empowered to decide what type of loan or lease is right for you.

Get Started Online

The most private way to get a loan is to simply get pre-approved online. You can do it from your office or your easy chair. It won't hurt you to find out what kind of loan that West Mitsubishi can provide. This will give you a baseline as you go shopping. You can be sure that our auto loan system is private and secure. We don't ask for unnecessary information or pepper you with questions. It's straightforward and free to ask for a loan. Since we want your business, you can be sure that we will take you seriously, regardless of your current credit status. There are many ways to structure financing and our efforts generally find shoppers the loan they need. We certainly want to do this for you.

Come See Us

Maybe you prefer the personal touch. For this, we invite you to visit our showroom. In confidence and privacy, our knowledgeable staff will help you fill out loan forms. Then we'll make a search for the best loan for you. Once you know how we can help, you may be more confident when purchasing a car. Your loan options may be more advantageous to your budget than you thought. Often we are able to fit your requirements for down payment or monthly payments. It's our goal to minimize your struggle and maximize your enjoyment.

Significant Peace of Mind

Few auto loans come with the peace of mind you get from buying a Mitsubishi today. It's because all of our vehicles come with the industry standard for warranty coverage. Most competitors limit your new car coverage to five years. Mitsubishi offers up to ten years. This powertrain coverage helps ensure your vehicle purchase against unexpected malfunctions. You can feel good knowing that your new Mitsubishi will earn its keep for many years to come. You will know that your vehicle is a good investment that will pay you back with a long road life.

Affordable Pricing Benefits the Borrower

Mitsubishi is known for affordable prices. A lower starting price benefits the borrower in an auto loan situation. You need less money to buy the vehicle, and that helps keep your costs down. Your dollar truly goes further with Mitsubishi. As you do your shopping, our staff can show you how Mitsubishi vehicles save you money over the competition. You get the quality, size and features you need, but you don't have to pay as much to do it. This means you don't have to borrow as much to drive a Mitsubishi. That's sure to make your wallet happy.

Favorable Packaging Sweetens the Deal

While many people turn to Mitsubishi for its favorable pricing, they purchase our vehicles because they find high-value packaging. Each Mitsubishi has been manufactured to exacting standards and engineered for durability. Your new Mitsubishi will offer contemporary comfort and modern amenities. Great technologies are ready to entertain the owner. A touchscreen provides endless entertainment via Bluetooth streaming audio. This can be expanded quickly with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. High-tech safety options are sure to please those who want to be ahead of the tech curve. You can get systems to watch your blind spot, the lane lines, and the traffic ahead. Automatic braking can reduce the chances of collision.

Good Fuel Economy is an Ongoing Rebate

Our Mitsubishis are engineered to maximize your fuel savings. This can help with your operating costs. After all, an old car generally earns 23 mpg in highway driving. A new Mitsubishi Outlander three-row SUV can earn 30 mpg. That's a stark difference, especially at today's fuel prices. With a loan from West Mitsubishi, you can save money on gas every week. That really adds up fast, and it will act like a monthly rebate on your new car purchase. That's a win/win for a Mitsubishi driver.

Online Financial Tools

If you want to determine how much payments would be, you can use our online payment calculator. It allows you to look at different loan amounts and different interest rates. The system will calculate how much you'll pay per month. This may help you narrow down your shopping choices. Trading your car is easy with our online trade evaluation tool. It can tell you how much your current ride is worth. This should give you an idea of how much it may help your down payment. Many drivers are pleasantly surprised when they come to West Mitsubishi to trade their car. Since we deal in used cars, we are serious about buying your trade.

Act Decisively to Discover Your Options

There's no time like now to discover what your loan options are. Even if you have been turned down for a car loan in the past, you should feel confidence in the system at West Mitsubishi. Here's what we can promise you:

  1. West Mitsubishi staff will help you with financial paperwork and seek to reduce your stress.
  2. We will help you negotiate the right down payment, making it more likely you can afford the vehicle you want. Since we work with many financial institutions, there are more options than you might think. Your loan will be your decision, not ours.
  3. We will try to negotiate the best monthly payment for your budget. If this is your priority, we'll find options that make financial sense to you. Once again, multiple lenders allow us to find the right deal for you.
  4. We will look for the most competitive interest rate that your credit score will allow. This can reduce your long term costs.
  5. We will put you first, regardless of your credit score. You will be treated with respect and courtesy every step of the way.
  6. We won't pressure you to accept a loan. We know the ultimate decision is yours to make.
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