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Do you have any questions about obtaining a car loan despite a low credit score? You’re not alone, and we’ve compiled all of the most commonly found questions we could find. Poor credit scores aren’t always the result of poor financial behavior--sometimes, bad things happen to responsible people despite their best efforts. While many different factors come into consideration when a creditor decides on whether or not to give you a bad credit car loan for a vehicle, four of those reasons play a key role in the decision process:

  • Application Information - Information you provide such as employment, residence and income information.
  • Credit History - Information of all other credit in your credit file.
  • Down Payment - The amount of money you are putting toward the vehicle or the total value of our trade.
  • Vehicle Selection - The year, cost, and the mileage on a vehicle.

When that happens, you still need a way to secure a reasonable auto loan to meet your family’s needs. Get in touch to learn more about our car loans for bad credit, or continue reading to see our most frequently asked questions.

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Have you been struggling to find a dealership that will help you with bad credit auto loans? We understand that buying a vehicle with bad credit is very difficult for most people nowadays. That’s why, when we opened our car dealerships for bad credit near you, West Mitsubishi, we wanted to serve customers, no matter what their credit score is! Our motto states, “West Says Yes to all types of Credit.” We have over 55 banks and Credit Unions to help you find the right plan to help you buy your next car.

Bad credit car financing is when customers get the loan for their purchase through the dealer that the car is located at. We won’t send you off to a third-party loan provider; we will take care of you while you are here. Bad credit car loans at our West Mitsubishi in Orland, CA, is a great fit for customers who are first-time buyers and may not have credit. For most of our clients though, we help with situations where there is low credit or bad credit histories. If you had trouble the last time you purchased a car because of your credit score, our bad credit car loans could be for you. Our hope is that a credit score won’t affect your ability to buy a car that you love or feel like you can rely on. That’s why you won’t be ignored here. We will finance your car, no matter what your credit history is.


Other people have already taken advantage of our ability to finance at our bad credit car dealerships Chico, CA. They all have elements they appreciated from our ability to help them buy the car they wanted at our car dealerships with bad credit financing. The first note is that they received auto financing, regardless of their credit score and past financial history. They also got the opportunity to improve the credit score they had with our no credit, bad credit car dealerships team. We offer solutions to help boost your credit score while you pay for a vehicle, so you have a chance at better finance options in the future.

Our bad credit auto financing dealership Sacramento is also dedicated to providing you with high-quality vehicle options. We don’t want you to feel limited by your low credit score. That’s why you will be able to find top makes and models at our location in Orland, California. Every driver wants a car they feel proud to drive, and our selection of vehicles for sale will give you that added confidence. Our car dealerships for bad credit near you will always stock these modern vehicles, so you always have trade-in flexibility. West Mitsubishi shows that your faithfulness to our auto financing payment plans will show. We will always provide you with dependable, quality vehicles every time.

If you have questions about how to start the car-shopping process with us, you can reach out to our team at any time! We are prepared to answer your questions and get you started today!

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