Auto Repair

Is your engine stalling? Dash lights are telling you to get a check up? Whatever your problem is, the high quality service department at West Mitsubishi is your one stop shop for car repair. Our auto repair mechanics can handle all types of cars and all types of problems.

Our Auto Repair Philosophy

Car owners may drive different styles, colors and makes of cars, but they share one common bond. Their vehicles matter to them, and they expect their mechanic to get them back on the road. If you want your car to be reliable, you can rely on help from West Mitsubishi service department.

Our Lenders

At the West Mitsubishi service department, we take every customer's needs seriously. We can promise you:

  1. Efficient, lasting repairs
  2. Help with your regular maintenance
  3. Timely, thorough service
  4. A fair price with regular discounts and specials

Mitsubishi and All Makes

Whether you drive a Mitsubishi, a Ford or any other model, our mechanics are ready and willing to address your repair concerns. Every make and model comes to our shop for repairs, and our technicians can handle the variety of engines. We can address any quirks that come with a particular model.

Maintenance Matters

Our mechanics know that maintenance matters. Simple oil changes must be done correctly and with the best materials. Tire rotations and alignments are vital to the suspension, steering and brakes. Tune ups replace the parts that are damaged and give the car a longer road life.We know that your car, SUV or truck is not only transportation but also one of your most valuable assets. It must be reliable for daily commutes and for long drives. Regular maintenance wards off larger, more expensive repairs. Our efforts can also improve your gas mileage, and we can offer advice on reasons your gas mileage may have slipped over the years. Our goal is to help you get as much benefit out of your vehicle as possible.

Auto Repair Expertise

Our mechanics have years of on-the-job experience, but first they start in the classroom. They are well-trained and certified. They work individually and, when needed, in teams to find your problems, identify the causes, and correct the damage. To make a diagnosis, there are often visual and mechanical inspections to back up any computerized testing. We will test drive if there is a problem we cannot identify and need to feel for ourselves.

We take the engine knock or squeaky stops as seriously as you do. We delve deep to identify the exact source of the problem. Our service techs have up-to-date tools to run diagnostic scans and perform tricky feats of corrective engineering. The right person with the right tools ensures the best repairs. Our parts department is fully stocked and ready to assist the repair shop. This allows us to respond quickly to your car's repair needs. We have the products and parts to do the job right.

Is it My Battery or Something Else?

When your car is hesitant to start each morning, it is helpful to have a mechanic nearby who can advise you. Perhaps it's the alternator, the charger or the starter instead of the battery. Maybe it's just a loose battery connection that we can fix in a snap. Don't wait until you are out late and the car won't start. Stop by and see us for an estimate. We'll keep you going! If you don't fix your battery problems, by the way, then it can lead to the death of your starter or alternator. The three are so intertwined that you shouldn't risk it. Make sure to change your battery at the recommended interval.

Do I Need a Realignment or Does My Car Have a Bigger Problem?

If your car has started veering left or right, you may need realignment. It may be a steering or suspension problem instead. One thing's for sure, it's important to find out. You may even notice some strange wear and tear on your tires. This can be a sign that something is wrong underneath the car. Our technicians are ready to deal with everything from the basics to the most complicated repairs. Let us check out your steering before it can cause you to get into a wreck.

Do I Need Brake Pads or Brake Repair?

If you hear a squeak when you hit the brakes, your pads may be wearing out. Actually, it is a good idea to have your brake pads changed on a regular basis. This is usually on your maintenance plan with your vehicle. Whether it's a squeak or you just know it's time, our mechanics are experts at brake pad replacement. Sometimes the problem goes deeper. When that happens, you'll be glad you brought your car to experts. We can handle mechanical part defects as well as brake pads. It's important to respond to your brake light or brake problems before you lose stopping power and end up in a wreck or a fender bender. A commonly over-looked brake issue is brake fluid. Your maintenance plan can tell you if you are overdue for this fluid to be drained and replaced. This can help your brakes last far into the future and add years to the life of your car.

Is it my Transmission?

Your transmission is a delicate instrument, whether it is a manual, automatic or continuously variable transmission. It has transmission fluid that must be replaced according to schedule or it will lose valuable lubrication. If your gear shifting seems questionable, don't wait. Have our mechanics examine your transmission for a problem. Instead of a junked car because you ignored a small problem, you may get a transmission fix that is affordable. Besides, it may not be your transmission. Sometimes steering and suspension problems seem like it's your gears, but it is structural. If you get that fixed, it will protect other components including your transmission. Again, acting quickly means a smaller fix and a longer car life.

Why are My Dash Lights On?

The lights on your dash are there to warn you that something bad is happening. If it is the engine light, you need a code read right away. Then we can determine based on the code what type of repair is needed. Sometimes car owners have the code read and then turned off by a car parts store. This is a bad idea. You need the mechanic who can fix your car to read the code. These computerized systems are used to read the many computers inside your car.

They can help the technician pinpoint the exact sensor or system that has failed. Your other dash lights are just as important. They can tell your mechanic if sensors are failing in your braking or traction system. Never ignore a dash light. Bring your vehicle to West Mitsubishi Service Department. We'll get to the bottom of the problem and you'll be back on the road in no time.

Is Your Car Running Hot?

Your temperature gauge is an important tool. If maintains a temperature above the median point, that indicates a problem. The sooner you get help at our service department, the better you can protect your engine parts from damage. A hot temperature gauge is cause to stop the car. At the very least, get it to our shop right away. It may be dangerous to drive and the overheating may be burning up expensive parts. Your best bet is to wait for the car to cool off and have it towed, if necessary. You don't want the overheating to leave you stranded in busy traffic. Nor do you want the heat to fry the other valuable components under the hood.

Is My Gas Mileage Worse?

Is your gas mileage slowly getting worse? That's a sign that there's a problem. The problem may be a defective mass air flow sensor or a faulty oxygen sensor. In these cases, our diagnosticians can find and fix the problem easily. You may also need a tune-up to get your engine to run more efficiently. This process is sure to extend the life of your car. After all, a burned-out spark plug may not stop the engine from running, but it will decrease its effectiveness and burn too much fuel in the process.

Over time, that dead spark plug will lead to more and more problems until it may kill the engine altogether. Your emissions system may be clogged, lowering your gas mileage. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed before your car fails the emissions test. Plus a clog can slowly kill off your SUV engine's power. This sends a lot of cars to the trash heap.

Do I have a Carbon Dioxide Leak?

If you keep getting sleepy every time you drive your car, you may have a carbon dioxide leak. This is extremely dangerous, especially to your kids. Worse, it can cause the driver to pass out. This leads to one-car and multi-car wrecks. If your car is making you sick or sleepy, roll down your windows for fresh air and get it checked by our expert staff. Your safety depends on it!

Why is my Air Conditioning Broken? Why isn't the Heat Working?

Your HVAC system is made up of three components. The heater uses coils to provide heat. The air conditioning uses a compressor and freon to provide cold. A fan brings it all together. If any of these parts of a smaller one is damaged, you may not have air, heat, or fan. Most of the time the fix is easier and less expensive than owners fear. Don't freeze all winter or deal with heat all summer. Your HVAC system may need a simple fix that will make you and your family comfortable again. Besides, your HVAC is vital to your safety since you need your defroster to work on demand every time!

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Your car repair is in capable hands at West Mitsubishi service department. Trust us for all of your auto repair needs, regardless of make, model or style. We'll help you keep your investment in good shape.
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